Aircraft Brokerage Services

Our aircraft sales process is like no other aircraft brokerage firm in the general aviation industry. It's your assurance that your aircraft is represented professionally, knowledgeably and with integrity to help maximize its selling price as much as possible.

We start by conducting a comprehensive initial aircraft review at your location which includes a thorough review of all aircraft records, required maintenance and a systems flight check. If any discrepancies are discovered during our evaluation, we make recommendations on how to best maximize your aircraft value. 

Once our initial review is complete, we provide you with an appraisal of your aircraft's "real world" wholesale and retail market values and determine a mutually-acceptable price point based on current market conditions and competing aircraft availability. We do this to set a realistic expectation for the seller and to insure a timely sales transaction for your airplane.

In the case of piston aircraft, we lubricate the aircraft and perform a compression test to include in our online marketing package. The aircraft is washed and degreased, the interior and carpet is detailed, its paint touched up, and minor discrepancies are rectified. Once complete, your aircraft is hangared in a "sales ready" condition, ready for pre-buy inspection by the buyer.

We professionally photograph your aircraft in large, high resolution images to illustrate over 80 different aircraft details. We place these photos online for review by potential buyers. As a result, when a prospective purchaser comes to inspect your aircraft, they are an informed buyer and already know what to expect.

We repackage all of the aircraft's logbooks and records in new custom binders, a new records case, and digitize all of the aircraft's records. These records are then placed online for a prospective buyer's review but we also place all digital records on a USB keychain so that the aircraft logs are available at any time to service technicians.

We develop a downloadable, online marketing package including aircraft specifications, inspections status sheet, a detailed aircraft appraisal, complete digitized logbooks and records and a comprehensive aircraft performance data sheet. The purpose of this marketing package is to answer, upfront, any and all questions a prospective buyer may have about the aircraft for sale.

Unlike many brokers that send you prospective buyers for a fee, we handle all sales contacts directly for our brokerage clients. We know the aircraft better than most owners, and we always want to insure an effective and professional sales experience for the buyer. For this reason, we will always accompany any potential buyer to view your aircraft.

Why let Aircraft Associates broker your aircraft?

We're Professional - Whether we're dealing with an individual, a company owner or presenting your aircraft to a board of directors, we know our craft and how to articulate the value of your airplane.

We're Knowledgable - If it's a new instrument panel, a complete "ground up" restoration, or an upgrade to a different category of aircraft, we have the knowledge to answer a prospective buyer's questions. And at no charge to the seller, we can deliver an aircraft to your buyer's exact specifications.

We're Experienced - With over $30 million in gross revenue from aircraft sales for both piston and turbine aircraft over the past 20 years alone, we know how to sell aircraft. The fact that we sell only aircraft models that we have owned and operated ourselves allows us to accurately convey our experience about a particular model effectively to a prospective buyer.

We're Effective - We take the time to develop an extensive online marketing package for your airplane for one reason and one reason only... it creates an informed and focused consumer.  Our prospective buyers come to verify information about your airplane they've already learned online. It's a tedious but effective process for certain but it accounts for our sales close rate of over 90%. 

We Add Value - Our focused and professional approach to brokering your aircraft means an increased selling price for you. Over the past several years, increased returns to our brokerage customers have offset our fees on average three to four times.

We're Principled - While aircraft brokerage industry grapples with ethics issues, we're most proud of the impeccable reputation we continue to enjoy with our customers. When you work with Aircraft Associates, rest assured that our business together will always be conducted to the highest professional and ethical standards.