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Mark Hornby

Buyer / V35B Bonanza

I wanted to let you know that John Collins and I flew my new Bonanza on Monday and Tuesday and it performed flawlessly. I'm very happy with the airplane and appreciate your help in procuring it. I now have my Complex and High Performance Endorsements.

Aram Basmadjian

Buyer / P35 Bonanza

"I am most grateful to Randy Africano for his professionalism and expertise in helping me to acquire an incredible airplane. If you are looking to purchase a Bonanza, please reach out to Randy. He helped me find the airplane of my dreams. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

Eric Walrabenstein

Buyer / V35B Bonanza

"Thanks to my aviation therapist, Randy Africano, and his patient guidance and mentoring to help me find the right airframe for my needs. As many of you know, Randy is one fine human being and a fount of knowledge about everything Bonanza. If you're looking for help locating the perfect Bonanza, give him a call."

John Fulton

Buyer / A36 Bonanza

"I cannot recommend Randy Africano enough! He found the plane, acted as my therapist during the search, prevented me from doing stupid stuff, listened to my whining and worked until he found the perfect airplane. He then got on a commercial flight flew south, rented a car, drove to its location, facilitated the pre-buy, insured it was flawless, closed the deal, and flew it back north. Airplanes with excuses are not what he does, wasted trips are not acceptable, tire kicking is not allowed and whining gets you put into a corner for a virtual time-out."

Tom Fox

Buyer / F33A

"I signed my contract and within 30 days, Randy was emailing me planes to preview. He coached me through the cost values to address the items necessary. He listened carefully to my input and thoughts, sometimes playing psychologist throughout his entire smooth and professional buying process. I am very happy with my Bonanza and I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking to purchase their dream plane. Yes, he is that good!"

Joe Crabb

Buyer / V35B Bonanza

"So after some research, I connected with Randy Africano and that was a game changer. He knows a LOT about Bonanzas, and his reputation in the Bonanza world gives him access to off-market aircraft most would never even be aware of. He added real value at every step of the process.  I'm very glad I had Randy working with me throughout this process, and I recommend him without reservation."

Matt West

Buyer / V35ATC Bonanza

"Randy, I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks to tell you how much  I appreciate all that you have done to make this deal a reality. I am super excited to be the proud new owner of Bill's plane and look forward to caring for N925RC as Bill has."

Mike Nickeson

Buyer / S35 Bonanza

"I flew my airplane home knowing I had made the right decision to purchase it from Randy AfricanoHis extensive knowledge of Bonanzas was evident during our first conversationHe was a pleasure to work with and demonstrated the highest level of integrity and professionalism during the entire purchase process. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a quality Beechcraft, checkout what Randy Africano has to offer." 

Jim McCaffrey IV

Buyer / V35B Bonanza

"I cannot recommend Randy in strong enough terms. I am so happy that I stopped wasting time and money on my own . Not only did he find me a truly outstanding airplane, he found one that was not even on the market! I still can't believe it is in my hangar and I can't wait to make memories with my family in her! A huge thank you to Randy Africano. Sorry to drone on but I am hopeful that my story is helpful to someone looking to buy or sell."

Mike Watson

Buyer / F33A Bonanza

"Randy not only found me the most beautiful, flawless 1978 F33A, and he not only bought the airplane far below market value, and he not only handled every aspect of the transaction quickly and efficiently, he was extremely knowledgeable, acted with honesty and integrity throughout the entire process. I can't recommend his services enough... best money I ever spent."

Randy Strait

Seller / B36TC Bonanza

"My experience working with Randy Africano was delightful from the very beginning. I was hesitant and afraid that Randy might be like so many brokers that forgot your name once you signed a sales agreement. Randy was nothing like them. He immediately went to work and in no time offers came rolling in. He quickly sold my Bonanza over my asking price.  I would highly recommend anyone who may be considering hiring Randy for their next aircraft sale or acquisition to do so. You will be very pleased as I am."

Eyal Goldman

Buyer / V35B Bonanza

"Randy, I wanted to thank you for an incredibly smooth transaction on N66409. After searching for an airplane for more than six months, it was a relief that the airplane we found was being sold by you. Everything stated and declared was 100% correct, and I could not have expected more complete logs and airplane history, which were all delivered in a nice and organized case. I will be sure to contact you for our next upgrade."

Randy Buboltz

Buyer / V35B Bonanza

"Even though I have family and friends in aviation, I chose Randy Africano to assist me with my first Bonanza purchase. Randy not only found a great buy for me, but he was also able to negotiate the price down even further once he arrived at the site of the purchase. I appreciated his accessibility via email, text and phone throughout the purchase process. He has a vast knowledge of, and experience in aviation and is an effective communicator. I definitely recommend his services."

Jim Milligan

Buyer / A36 Bonanza

"Returning to the GA world and needed guidance. I hired Randy to both guide me and to find me an airplane that fit my mission. He succeeded far past any expectations that I had going into this. His contacts, experience and willingness to mentor a newbie is remarkable. I'm now the very proud owner of a 1980 A36 Bonanza with less than 1600hrs total time, in excellent condition inside and out at a very reasonable price. If you are in need of a new/used or trade-in aircraft, Randy is your man!"

Kevin Kirvida

Buyer / V35B Bonanza

"I contacted Randy Africano when I ran across his website. I explained my criteria to Randy and he immediately began researching and forwarding me information on planes that were in Randy's mind correctly priced and equipped. After a month, we focused on a plane in Texas. Randy setup a pre-buy on a Sunday, negotiated a couple of issues off the sale price with the seller and flew the airplane back to Minnesota. Randy is the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to Beechcraft airplanes and I would strongly recommend him to anyone considering a Beechcraft or other brand of airplane."