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Frank Crowell III and Family in his 2004 Glass Deiced A36 Bonanza
Frank Crowell III and Family in his 2004 Glass Deiced A36 Bonanza

I made it 37 years listening to all of my fellow general and commercial aviation pilots not to buy an airplane. They always spoke the same cliché's cheaper to rent than buy. While that may be true in some cases, owning our own aircraft was a dream that both me and my father always had as we built our time together learning to fly. 

Reading through all sorts of online advice about how to go about finding the right airplane for you, I quickly realized what a daunting task my decision had become. I looked at hundreds of aircraft in the traditional outlets thinking "that's the one." But, now that I found it, what do I do now? 

How do I know it was well maintained? Is it safe? Are the logbooks accurate and complete? Should I believe everything that was described in the listing? I was clearly in over my head.

I had recently flown with a gentleman who owned a Baron 58P. As we recounted the many stories about the 58P we had both previously flown, we spoke in depth about my fruitless search for a new aircraft. We discussed that while it's not impossible to do on your own, having a team of professionals on your side to advocate for your position became very apparent. This is where I met Randy & Nick Africano, the father and son team behind

From our first email exchange to our very first phone calls discussing the aircraft I desired, the level of concern and professionalism Randy and Nick exhibited was second to none. They listened to every word that came out of my mouth. From the model of aircraft I was looking to acquire, to the options that were "must haves" and "nice to haves", they never missed a beat. After listening to my desires, they immediately designed a roadmap to secure the aircraft for which I sought.

But, here is where the two gentlemen making up Aircraft Associates began to shine 

and exhibit the true difference between a typical aircraft broker and what they do. Randy and Nick, combined, have been in the Bonanza, Baron and Twin Comanche arena for decades. They know pilots, companies and families who have truly loved their aircraft and as a result have taken exceptional care for them during their ownership. Here is where their connections within this community paid dividends. Most in the aviation world know that aircraft that sit idle and do not fly can have some serious unseen issues that may not be visible to the untrained eye. Randy and Nick networked with their contacts within the Beechcraft world to solicit a seller of a well loved and well maintained aircraft that met my stipulations. Always being open, honest and having open communication, they managed my expectations that it may take some time to find the "right" aircraft for me. I, for one, wanted instant gratification. I had finally decided to pull the trigger and buy an aircraft of my own and I was ready to get back in the air. 

As months went by, there were a few leads, a few aircraft that were found that had some but not all of the options I had requested. Randy and Nick were always encouraging and always let me know that it was not about if they could find one, but when they would locate the aircraft for me!

As promised, that day came. I recall the email and phone calls from the father and son team letting me know they had found "my" aircraft. And as it turns out, it absolutely was. While I have bought and sold houses throughout my life, the intricacies of purchasing an aircraft were daunting. Randy and Nick seamlessly navigated the details of coordinating the pre-buy, securing an escrow company, negotiating the sales contract, and most of all ensuring my best interests were always at the top of the list.

To further exemplify their level of service to their customer, after closing, I was unable to pick up the aircraft that day. Randy and Nick flew to the airport and retrieved the aircraft for me, flew it to their personal hangar and secured it until my son and I were able to come fly it home. While I had flown this model of aircraft early on in my aviation career, it was a long time ago. Randy took the time out of his day to fly with me as we brought the aircraft back home to ensure that I felt comfortable and safe in my new airplane.

This relationship with Aircraft Associates, Randy and Nick will be a life long one. They do not disappear after the sale. They are always there for me and the rest of their customers 24/7.

I would encourage anyone looking for their first or their 10th aircraft to give Aircraft Associates a call. You may rest assured they will find the "right" aircraft for you or your company and along with that aircraft comes the support and friendship of two individuals who are 100% in your corner through every step of the purchase or sale process.

Thank you Randy and Nick for helping me find my dream aircraft for me and my family. You both are phenomenal businessmen, but most importantly, friends.

Nathan Venz

Buyer / 1978 V35B

I've spoken with countless brokers, pilots, airport personnel, plane websites, etc and non of them held a candle to what the Africano's were able to deliver. Nick and Randy are a dream team of aircraft specialists that anyone looking to buy or sell a plane needs in their corner. 

I started looking for my plane about a year ago and from the very first phone call with Nick, I knew I'd be doing business with him. He was able to fluidly answer all of my questions and deliver thorough explanations without a pushy or "sales-like" demeanor. I'm generally not a big talker but that initial call lasted over 45 minutes and I only called to ask about a plane. Needless to say, Nick and Randy are always willing to donate their time to talking you through any questions or concerns you might have…and when buying a plane…there are many.
I told them exactly what I was looking for and within a month they had already found it for me- off market and in my price range! 

Randy was able to meet me in Delaware where we began our 8 hour journey back to Dallas, TX. The time flew by as I peppered Randy with questions about his 40+ years in aviation. It was like we had known each other for years.
I can't thank the Africano father son duo enough for their professionalism throughout the entire process. These are the type of people you want to do business with.
Thanks Randy and Nick!

Heidi Weimer

Buyer / 1995 PA32-300

After a fruitless nine-month search for an airplane, I was nine months older and getting gray hair from stress, with the airport calling to say they were going to reassign my hangar space if I didn't have a plane very soon.

Then, in early October I stumbled onto Aircraft Associates. After talking with Randy about who they are and what they do, I signed up, feeling positive for the first time in ten months. Randy listened to my dilemma, took time to understand my idea of a perfect plane, and said he and his son Nick could find something in time. And they did.

They worked within my budget, kept in touch, and moved a mountain. I felt hope renewed as they found planes, extensively photographed and appraised potential buys, went through logs, identified squawks needing addressed before purchase, negotiated price and ensured a complete and thorough test flight and prebuy inspection. They shared their opinions on pros and cons of each plane and guided me through the purchase process from start to finish. 

In the end I had the plane I wanted and discovered the ultimate way to purchase a plane. I can't say enough about Randy and Nick. Their experience, knowledge, dedication, persistence, patience, and honesty made the whole process comfortable and smooth. They even helped me find excellent insurance rates.

These guys are the best; they were able to do in about one month what I couldn't achieve in nine months. They were careful, thorough, dedicated, understanding, and an awesome team with whom to work. My only regret is that I didn't find these guys back when I sold my Comanche!

Rob Manns

Buyer / 1984 Saratoga SP

This past year I began the journey of fulfilling a life long dream of learning to fly and obtaining my private pilot's certificate. When it came time to looking for the right aircraft to fit my needs I quickly found myself lost, with far more questions than answers. I was fortunate enough to stumble upon the services of Randy and Nick Africano with Aircraft Associates. They took the time to get to know me, better understand what my mission would likely entail, and share a lifetime worth of aviation experience. From the first phone call their passion for aviation, and their drive for providing personalized and quality service was evident. As someone new to the world of aviation, and purchasing their first aircraft, Randy and Nick provided clarity and organization to an otherwise foreign process. They transformed anxiety, confusion, and uncertainty into knowledge and confidence. 

The aircraft was factually represented, fully met my expectations, and in many ways exceeded them - to the point where even my mechanic remarked, "this has been one of smoothest pre-buy's I've been on in my 30 years. You have yourself on helluva airplane here!" From that point, we flew her home, and she has since performed just as, if not better, than expected.

Nick and Randy are matchmakers. They endeavor to know their clients and partner them to just the right aircraft... an aircraft that is looking for you, the right owner. I can only hope that the rest of my journey in aviation is filled with people that demonstrate the same passion, integrity, and professionalism that I experienced with Aircraft Associates. 

Mike McElligott

Buyer / V35A Bonanza


I have dreamed of owning my own airplane since I was a kid. Unfortunately, the real world constantly interfered. When I finally got the chance, the first thing I learned is buying an airplane is a lot harder than it looks. You need to know what you're looking for, what to avoid and simply finding something worth looking at is an overwhelming, discouraging, and expensive task.

The smartest decision I made was entrusting my dream to you. You did everything possible to make sure I was thrilled with the airplane. You listened to a novice and spent the time to find out what I wanted and why. You worked harder than I had any right to ask and you had a solution to every roadblock that cropped up.  I never had to worry about anything. Not a single thing. 

You found our perfect airplane and handled every detail from start, through inspection and closing, to parking it the hangar with the highest level of efficiency and professionalism. You made finding and acquiring the airplane as enjoyable an experience as owning it. Even better, your depth of experience, knowledge, and contacts made it all happen with absolute peace of mind.

Finally, I want to thank you for your advice, kindness, and friendship. You proved every day you aren't simply the "Bonanza expert" or a great buyer's agent. You could have made a fast or "good enough" sale, but I had a Guardian Angel who made sure I had found a great airplane and experience. Aircraft Associates does business the old fashioned way; your word is your bond, and honor, integrity, and reputation can't be bought. It is obvious to me this is a passion more than a business. It's hard to express the appreciation I have for what you have done for me. I am richer for having met and worked with you. I can honestly say I never felt like I was in a business relationship. I got the perfect airplane and found an advisor, mentor, and friend as well.

That leaves only two things left. First, I need to know how much I owe you. And second, we still have to raise that glass and celebrate a dream realized and a job very well done.

Kirk Ihlenburg

Buyer / A36TN Bonanza

Buying an aircraft in today's market is full of risk, especially for first time buyers. Price volatility mixed with varied aircraft quality can quickly become a recipe for disaster. Fortunately for me I came across Aircraft Associates and Randy Africano. After months of chasing aircraft and even flying a few that looked good online, I was beginning to lose hope that I would find the right plane at the right price. Randy spent time understanding my aircraft needs and building an aircraft profile to focus our search. In a very short period of time he found the airplane, negotiated the price and put in place a contract for purchase. That was just the beginning of the services Randy provided. Pre Purchase inspection, escrow, insurance, training, parts; the list goes on. Most importantly Randy kept me from making very costly mistakes. I have no remorse over my purchase because I know exactly what I was purchasing thanks to the thoroughness of Randy and his team. Cutting corners never works out well in aviation. I am thankful I used Aircraft Associates to represent me during my purchase.

John Winter

Buyer / P35 Bonanza

After spending almost 1 year and numerous trips looking at Bonanza's I was extremely frustrated with the pursuit of an airplane. They were often with damage history that was never brought forward, incomplete logbooks, brokers asking for a sum that was well above the market rate, aircraft that were supposedly 9's but when you actually saw them they were more like a 5-6, I just felt lost attempting to purchase an aircraft and was very close to walking away. That was when I found Aircraft Associates on Beech Talk and Randy Africano. Wow, did my world change! He interviewed me to clearly understand my mission, budget and equipment for the aircraft. Once this was accomplished he then began his search, finding a pristine P35 within 2 months. The pre-buy, along with the closing could have not gone smoother! I cannot begin to tell you how easy the process was! I will never buy an airplane alone again and will always recommend Randy to everyone I know!

Vince Collins

Seller / F33A Bonanza

Hi Randy... I want to thank you for all of your help (and patience) in facilitating the sale of my Bonanza this week. The process was not an easy one for you, given the twists and turns involved I appreciate your staying with it and providing your expert advice on the many issues that came up. You absolutely have to love it to work as hard as you do! 
All the best to you and your family.

Vince Collins

Dave Kohl / Weigang Yuan

Buyers / A36 Bonanza

It has been an absolutely pleasure working with Randy on the acquisition of our 1989 Bonanza A36. The market is about as inventory-constrained as it gets, and despite that, we felt confident that we ended up with a stellar airplane at a very fair price. Randy's expert advice helped us through our first-time buying experience without any stress and zero hassle. It's very clear that Randy places his clients first and goes out of his way to represent our interests. We're grateful for Randy's care and first class service, and most importantly, we're thrilled with the Bonanza we flew home.

Mike Shehl

Buyer / A36 Bonanza

Having the great fortune of growing up in a family that flew around the country in an A36 Bonanza, it has always been my dream to do the same with my family in our own Bonanza. Randy Africano helped play a key role in making my dreams come true. Early in the process of searching for an A36 Bonanza, I quickly realized that I needed help from a professional to find the right Bonanza for me. A friend suggested that I call Randy Africano. During my first conversation with Randy, I knew deep down that he was going to be the one to help me find my Bonanza. Randy always made himself available, he was always extremely professional, he gave me his honest opinion, and many times he would just listen and help me navigate the process. Words cannot describe the deep appreciation I have for Randy and the excellent services and guidance that he provided me. I would highly recommend anyone to contact Randy if you are in search of a Bonanza. Randy Africano is the "True Bonanza Man"!  

Mark Petersen

Seller / S35 Bonanza

I want to thank you for your assistance selling my fathers Bonanza. The airplane had been in our family since 1985. It was important to me to find a good "home" for his plane. I knew from our first conversation that I made the right decision when I called Aircraft Associates. I was impressed by your wealth of knowledge on the Beechcraft Bonanza product line. I appreciate all your time spent explaining the sales process and what to expect in the current market climate. I am very happy to see a new to Bonanza's owner take possession of the aircraft and exhibit the pride of ownership that we felt all those years ago.

Charlie B.

Buyer / A55 Baron

I was fortunate enough to purchase my Baron from one of Randy Africano's clients. Randy was knowledgeable, responsive, and professional from our first phone call. He clearly knew the airplane, and made the entire process easy from the demo flight through the closing and delivery. Randy is not only an expert on the Bonanza/Baron/Twin Comanche line, but an experienced pilot and aircraft owner who understands what matters to his clients. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again.

Craig Antovoni

Buyer / B55 Baron

The best decision I ever made was calling a consultant that was referred to me by a friend... Randy Africano. After talking to Randy for a while I felt really comfortable hiring him in this endeavor. He could tell I didn't have a lot of experience in purchasing a plane so he took his time with me and made sure before I made any decisions on anything that I fully understood what was going on. Randy has been doing this business for forty years and specializes in Bonanzas and Barons and has many friendships and clients all over the country so his inventory is always changing. He will undoubtedly find you a plane if he does not have one in his inventory luckily for me it only took him 30 days on mine. And after the purchase is finished that is a beginning of a friendship that will last a lifetime. I encourage you to call Randy at Aircraft Associates I promise you it will be the best money you ever spent. 

Michael Sturges

Buyer / PA39 Twin Comanche

As a first-time aircraft buyer, the process of buying a quality aircraft at a reasonable cost seemed unsurmountable. Then I found Randy Africano with Aircraft Associates. From our first phone conversation, I was put at ease. Randy's knowledge gained by decades of buying and operating different type aircraft is invaluable. He knows his stuff which translated directly to an informed decision. Randy represents the buyer thus eliminating the inherent conflict of interest with a broker. With an unbiased approach looking for, negotiating for, and final purchase of an aircraft, I had utmost confidence in my purchase. All was confirmed, when shortly after purchasing my aircraft, I came across another for sale that was not 1/3 the aircraft for the same price. I highly recommend Randy and Aircraft Associates

Dr. Donald Crescenzo

Buyer / F33A Bonanza

"Randy I just wanted to thank you for all you did with the purchase of my F33A Bonanza. Your fund of knowledge regarding the Bonanza, your keen awareness of the fair market price for the Bonanza and your willingness to be flexible in the negotiations made for a very smooth process. Your professionalism was greatly appreciated. You clearly separated yourself from other sales people I dealt with in my search for a Bonanza. I would highly recommend you to anyone searching for an Airplane.."

Jeffrey Long

Buyer / 35-A33 Debonair

"Randy what can I say? With everything you had going on this last year, you never wavered. You were steadfast in your search and never once rushed things just to get me off your back. You told me exactly what you expected from an aircraft for me, and that is exactly what was delivered. THANK YOU! You have been honest with me throughout. You don't know what that means to me!  If any of you are searching for an aircraft, pick up the phone and give Randy Africano of Aircraft Associates a call. He's a true professional, honest and WILL NOT sell you short!"

Dr. Ron Lippe

Buyer / G58 Baron

"Having Randy's fund of knowledge and experience when shopping for a plane is priceless. Not only did we find a fabulous, very low time Baron with the exact specifications that I wanted, Randy's knowledge allowed us to get it with a top overhaul and no additional charge. His attitude and confidence never wavered. I could go on until my typing fingers were eroded, but you would get tired of reading it. If anyone is looking to buy a Bonanza or Baron, I highly recommend that you at least call him. It was the best aeronautical decision that I ever made."

Dennis Kadel

Buyer / V35B

"Randy, I wanted to thank you for helping me find the plane of my dreams! I'm also blessed for having gained a good friend. Thanks again."

Eric Pollart

Buyer / V35BTN Bonanza

"Looking for a plane can be a daunting experience---unless you have the good fortune of being assisted by Randy Africano. His expertise is unmatched and he very patiently shared his knowledge so that I felt completely at ease with all aspects of the process. Customer service and integrity are the hallmarks of how he conducts business. I never had any hesitation about asking a question (no matter how basic) and he always was responsive and treated everyone involved with respect.

Remember the days when a gentleman shook your hand, gave you his word and it really meant something? With Randy-- it still does. All this allowed me to find a great plane which would have not been possible without his assistance. Thanks Randy!


Mark Hornby

Buyer / V35B Bonanza

"I can't thank you enough for for your invaluable help in procuring my beautiful Bonanza. Your expertise in negotiating with the seller, preparation of the purchase agreement, arrangement and supervision of the pre-buy inspection, and managing of all of the necessary paperwork for transfer, was all done with professionalism and caring.  Agreeing to travel to Tulsa on Easter Sunday so we could fly the airplane home the next day was well above and beyond.As a first time buyer and low-time private pilot, there is no way I would have been able to do the transaction without your help."

Martin Hevesy

Buyer / V35B Bonanza

"Randy was not only professional but timely as well. He is an absolute expert on Bonanzas and the Bonanza market as well  which allowed us to pay significantly less for our airplane than we were expecting. Our particular purchase required extra work from Randy and he made it seamless. Thank you Randy for all of your help and expertise, we look forward to working with you in the future."

John Fulton

Buyer / A36 Bonanza

"I cannot recommend Randy Africano enough! He found the plane, acted as my therapist during the search, prevented me from doing stupid stuff, listened to my whining and worked until he found the perfect airplane. He then got on a commercial flight flew south, rented a car, drove to its location, facilitated the pre-buy, insured it was flawless, closed the deal, and flew it back north. Airplanes with excuses are not what he does, wasted trips are not acceptable, tire kicking is not allowed and whining gets you put into a corner for a virtual time-out."

Aram Basmadjian

Buyer / P35 Bonanza

"I am most grateful to Randy Africano for his professionalism and expertise in helping me to acquire an incredible airplane. If you are looking to purchase a Bonanza, please reach out to Randy. He helped me find the airplane of my dreams. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

Eric Walrabenstein

Buyer / V35B Bonanza

"Thanks to my aviation therapist, Randy Africano, and his patient guidance and mentoring to help me find the right airframe for my needs. As many of you know, Randy is one fine human being and a fount of knowledge about everything Bonanza. If you're looking for help locating the perfect Bonanza, give him a call."

Tom Fox

Buyer / F33A Bonanza

"I signed my contract and within 30 days, Randy was emailing me planes to preview. He coached me through the cost values to address the items necessary. He listened carefully to my input and thoughts, sometimes playing psychologist throughout his entire smooth and professional buying process. I am very happy with my Bonanza and I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking to purchase their dream plane. Yes, he is that good!"

Joe Crabb

Buyer / V35B Bonanza

"So after some research, I connected with Randy Africano and that was a game changer. He knows a LOT about Bonanzas, and his reputation in the Bonanza world gives him access to off-market aircraft most would never even be aware of. He added real value at every step of the process.  I'm very glad I had Randy working with me throughout this process, and I recommend him without reservation."

Matt West

Buyer / V35ATC Bonanza

"Randy, I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks to tell you how much  I appreciate all that you have done to make this deal a reality. I am super excited to be the proud new owner of Bill's plane and look forward to caring for N925RC as Bill has."

Mike Nickeson

Buyer / S35 Bonanza

"I flew my airplane home knowing I had made the right decision to purchase it from Randy AfricanoHis extensive knowledge of Bonanzas was evident during our first conversationHe was a pleasure to work with and demonstrated the highest level of integrity and professionalism during the entire purchase process. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a quality Beechcraft, checkout what Randy Africano has to offer." 

Jim McCaffrey IV

Buyer / V35B Bonanza

"I cannot recommend Randy in strong enough terms. I am so happy that I stopped wasting time and money on my own . Not only did he find me a truly outstanding airplane, he found one that was not even on the market! I still can't believe it is in my hangar and I can't wait to make memories with my family in her! A huge thank you to Randy Africano. Sorry to drone on but I am hopeful that my story is helpful to someone looking to buy or sell."

Mike Watson

Buyer / F33A Bonanza

"Randy not only found me the most beautiful, flawless 1978 F33A, and he not only bought the airplane far below market value, and he not only handled every aspect of the transaction quickly and efficiently, he was extremely knowledgeable, acted with honesty and integrity throughout the entire process. I can't recommend his services enough... best money I ever spent."

Randy Strait

Seller / B36TC Bonanza

"My experience working with Randy Africano was delightful from the very beginning. I was hesitant and afraid that Randy might be like so many brokers that forgot your name once you signed a sales agreement. Randy was nothing like them. He immediately went to work and in no time offers came rolling in. He quickly sold my Bonanza over my asking price.  I would highly recommend anyone who may be considering hiring Randy for their next aircraft sale or acquisition to do so. You will be very pleased as I am."

Eyal Goldman

Buyer / V35B Bonanza

"Randy, I wanted to thank you for an incredibly smooth transaction on N66409. After searching for an airplane for more than six months, it was a relief that the airplane we found was being sold by you. Everything stated and declared was 100% correct, and I could not have expected more complete logs and airplane history, which were all delivered in a nice and organized case. I will be sure to contact you for our next upgrade."

Randy Buboltz

Buyer / V35B Bonanza

"Even though I have family and friends in aviation, I chose Randy Africano to assist me with my first Bonanza purchase. Randy not only found a great buy for me, but he was also able to negotiate the price down even further once he arrived at the site of the purchase. I appreciated his accessibility via email, text and phone throughout the purchase process. He has a vast knowledge of, and experience in aviation and is an effective communicator. I definitely recommend his services."

Jim Milligan

Buyer / A36 Bonanza

"Returning to the GA world and needed guidance. I hired Randy to both guide me and to find me an airplane that fit my mission. He succeeded far past any expectations that I had going into this. His contacts, experience and willingness to mentor a newbie is remarkable. I'm now the very proud owner of a 1980 A36 Bonanza with less than 1600hrs total time, in excellent condition inside and out at a very reasonable price. If you are in need of a new/used or trade-in aircraft, Randy is your man!"

Kevin Kirvida

Buyer / V35B Bonanza

"I contacted Randy Africano when I ran across his website. I explained my criteria to Randy and he immediately began researching and forwarding me information on planes that were in Randy's mind correctly priced and equipped. After a month, we focused on a plane in Texas. Randy setup a pre-buy on a Sunday, negotiated a couple of issues off the sale price with the seller and flew the airplane back to Minnesota. Randy is the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to Beechcraft airplanes and I would strongly recommend him to anyone considering a Beechcraft or other brand of airplane."