Rick Dennee with his 1984 A36 Bonanza

I recently had a Bonanza owner approach me about making his airplane available to a customer for purchase. When I asked him what he wanted for the airplane, he said he didn't know what the airplane was worth... so I ran an appraisal for him. When the appraised value came back low, I explained to him that the engine was...

For many years I dreamed of owning a Bonanza. I set a personal goal of having my own airplane by the time I was 50 years old. I joked with my wife that my mid-life crisis would be an aircraft, not a sports car or a mistress. However, buying an airplane involves a large investment of capital and can have...

I recently had a first time aircraft buyer who was considering hiring us comment, "I don't even know the right questions to ask a potential buyer's agent." So I took some time to give him a few suggestions... and I thought it might helpful to share them with you.

Caveat Emptor!


The buyer alone is responsible for checking the quality and suitability of goods before a purchase is made.

How do you compare to the "typical" Bonanza aircraft owner. Take a look at the metrics compiled by the American Bonanza Society.

Before you decide to purchase that used aircraft with the high time engine, a glance at this chart and understanding the psychology of the typical aircraft buyer will quickly put the financial impact of your anticipated purchase into perspective.

This was a disappointing week for one of my clients. I have been working with this gentleman for several months now to represent him in the purchase of an aircraft. Recently we found what we believed to be an exceptional deal on a pressurized twin-engine cabin class aircraft, one we actually traveled to see and visited with the owner. After...

The purpose of this blog is to acquaint the owner with the various types of options available for re-powering his or her aircraft, the differences between them and the impact these options have on both the cost of operation and the value of the aircraft.

I do a fair amount of Bonanza acquisitions for clients and as a rule, I engage them in the process. While I do direct mail campaigns targeted specifically at the type of Bonanza they seek, I also ask my customers to comb the online ads which they're going to do anyway... we all know the drill.

While the proper acquisition of an airplane is complex process that should be done by someone who clearly understands the procedure, the "rules of engagement" are little more than common sense. Here are ten tips that can help you...

Learning to fly at any point in one's life can be the fulfillment of a lifelong dream but its important to truly understand your mission and what's required to use an airplane in a practical and safe manner.

Swapping avionics from one aircraft to another can be done cost effectively if you ask questions and consider the impact on value to both airplanes.

With declining airframe values and increasing engine overhaul costs, its extremely important for Bonanza owners, and prospective Bonanza buyers to give careful thought to the state of the engine in your current, or prospective airplane.

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. When it comes to airplanes, its all about the books! If your looking to sell your airplane, a small investment of your time can help maximize the value of your airplane while simplifying the pre-buy inspection for a buyer.

Insuring that your airplane remains financially viable is a simple exercise... you need to fly it. But if extenuating circumstances prevent you from "punching a hole in a cloud" on a routine basis, here's a few tips that will help you maintain the integrity of your aircraft and its engine while protecting your investment.

When it comes to ATC, strap on a backbone. They typically do a wonderful job for all of us, but they can only do what we need them to do if they clearly understand what we need and why we need it.

I recently had a potential buyer look at an airplane I had for sale that came to realize that he had made an oversight. In the course of addressing the issue with me, the potential buyer insisted that the airplane was now worth "X" because "that was the number published in Vref." In his mind, anything other than this number was a too much....

A good broker is worth his or her weight in gold and will maximize the value of your aircraft in the sales process... but good brokers are often difficult to find. Before you leave the fate of your aircraft sale, and your investment, in the hands of a paid third party representative, do your homework.