Model 36 Beechcraft Bonanza

PRODUCTION YEARS:  1968-69   SERIAL NUMBERS:  E-1 - E-184 ENGINE: Continental IO-520B (285 hp)


  1. Wingspan:  32 ft 10 in
  2. Length:  27 ft 6 in
  3. Height:  8 ft 7 in
  4. Maximum TO weight:  3,600 lbs
  5. Useful load:  1,620 lbs


Four side windows, Large, two-piece utility door on right aft fuselage, Rounded tail cone and wingtips, Optional long-range tanks (80 gal. total), Single, throw-over control yoke, Vernier engine and mixture controls, Electric auxiliary fuel pump, Gear handle on right, flap on left


Engine upgrades, 3 Blade propeller, Tip tanks, Instrument panel and/or avionics upgrades, Interior upgrades, Dual control yoke, Third-row seats 


Max Speed:  177 kts, Cruise Speed 170 kts, Stall Speed 56 kts, Fuel Capacity 80 gal, Service Ceiling 16,000 Ft, Rate Of Climb 1,015 fps, TO (over 50 ft obstacle) 1,525 ft, TO Ground Roll 1,112 ft, Landing (over 50 ft obstacle)  1,240 ft, Landing Ground Roll 683 ft, Range 750 nm (74 gal useable)