1976 Cessna 421C Golden Eagle - $289,900

Pressurized - TurboCharged - Deiced - Roomy - Well Maintained... and Very Fast!

Airframe - US Registration Number N55WS, Serial Number 421C0073, AFTT 6,419.3, No Damage History, Always Hangared, Complete Logs, Annual Due 06/30/24, TXP/Static Checks Due 08/31/23, Based 5M0 (Hartselle, AL)

.Engines & Props - Left Engine - Continental Motors Inc GTSIO-520-L, S/N 239933-R, 375 HP, 1,600 TBO, 572.6 SMOH in 2010, Compressions 69/70/68/60/69/76, Right Engine - Continental Motors Inc GTSIO-520-L(4), S/N 272396-R, 375 HP, 1,600 TBO, 281.3 SMOH in 2012, Compressions 69/70/68/60/69/76. Left Prop - McCauley 3-Blade Prop, Model 3FF32C501A/90UMB-0, S/N 814253, 586.5 SPOH in 1998. Right Prop - McCauley 3-Blade Prop, Model 3FF32C501A/90UMB-0, S/N K53120, 586.5 SPOH in 1998.

Avionics - Bendix FC823F Autopilot, Avidyne IFD-550 IFR WAAS GPS Flight Management System, Garmin 430W IFR WAAS GPS, Aspen 1000 Pro EFIS w/ GPSS Roll Steering, Avidyne AXP322 ADSB I/O Transponder, Garmin GTX 327 Backup Transponder, Garmin GMA347 Audio Panel, Narco KWX56 4-Color Weather Radar System, Dual Glideslopes, Insight TAS-1000 Multi Function Data System, EI SC-5 Super Clock Chronometer, Artex 406 ELT

Features & Equipment USB Outlets, 5.0 PSI PressurizationHot Props, Deicers, Spoilers, Air Conditioning, Static Wicks, VG's, Wingtip Strobes, Alcohol Windshield Deice, Wing Lockers, Nacelle Aux Fuel Mod, Potty Seat, Aft Refreshment Galley, Dual Executive Writing Tables, Built-In O2, Cabin Emergency Hatch, Articulating Seats, Cockpit / Cabin Divider, Vertical Card Compass, Deicer Light, Nose Taxi Light, 28 Gallon Nacelle Tank (Included in Usable Fuel Below).

Paint, Interior & Glass -  Matterhorn White Base Color w/ Royal & Navy Blue Trim Colors, Rated 7/10, Tan Leather Interior, Rated 6/10, Glass Rated 8/10

Weight & Balance - Gross Weight 7,579 lbs, Empty Weight 5,246.31 lbs, Useful Load 2,332.69, CG 154.68, Useable Fuel 232 Gallons

Maintenance Notes - AD 2000-01-16 recently complied with by installing new exhaust components

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